Compare Poems

The Compare Poems feature allows users to read two poems side-by-side and scroll through them independently or together. Below are some links to poems in the Compare Poems tab. But users can create their own as well:

1. Use Quick Search or Advanced Search to find the first poem text.
2. Click on the Compare Poem tab on the Poem Text page.
3. Use the search feature to navigate to the second poem.
4. To scroll the poems together, click the Lock Scrollbar button at the bottom of the Compare Poems page.

Here are some examples:

The Knight's Tale from Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales

Dante's Inferno, from The Divine Comedy, in English and Italian

From Book 4 of Milton's Paradise Lost and Francis Fawkes's parody of that passage

Prologue to Beowulf in Anglo-Saxon and the translation in modern English

Canto 10 in Italian and English translation of Arisoto's Orlando Furioso

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