Using the Browse link at the top right, you can browse Subjects, Commentaries, Biographies, History and Criticism, Poetry Sources (anthologies, and collected and selected works, and the poetry that Granger’s World of Poetry includes in full text from such periodicals as Poetry Magazine), Glossary, Eras, Language, Schools, Audio, and the Top 500 most popular poems. To browse, select a category from the pulldown menu. Once you have selected a category you can either scroll through the contents, clicking “Previous” or “Next” to move from page to page, or you can enter a term in the text input box at the top of the page, which will bring you directly to the page that displays the term.


Browse Subjects

At the top of the Browse Subjects page are two tabs, “Category,” and “Alphabetical.” The default is on the Category View. Here you can see the 12 top-level subject categories. Click on the + to see the subjects that are contained within the top-level subject. There are five possible sub-levels: click on the + wherever it appears to see the next level. Click on the top-level subject name itself to see poems under that subject.


Click on “History and Historians.” There are 1,174 poems under this subject.

Click on the + beside “History and Historians.”

The subjects that fall below also have + when there is another level, or subcategory, of subjects.

Click on the + beside “Treason and Traitors.” Benedict Arnold, Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, and the Gunpowder Plot are listed.

Clicking on each of these will show that there are six poems under Benedict Arnold, eight poems under Robert Devereux, and 12 poems under Gunpowder Plot. Gunpowder Plot has a + beside it. Click on the + and you will see that Guy Fawkes, the prime plotter of the Gunpowder Plot, is also a subject. Click on Guy Fawkes to see the 15 poems about him. There may be as many as five levels, or subcategories, of subjects.

Click on the “Alphabetical” tab at the top of the page to browse all the subjects alphabetically.


Browse Biographies

If you know the poet whose biography you’d like to read, type the poet’s name in the “Locate Biographies” box, last name first. (As this is an alphabetical browse, typing “Robert” will bring you to “Roberts, Elizabeth Madox.”) Otherwise, you can browse through the pages to see all the biographies that are available.


Browse Poetry Sources

Select Poetry Sources from the pulldown menu at the top right of the page. Once you have chosen a Source by clicking on it, you will see all the poems that the anthology, or collected or selected volume, contains, and by clicking on the poem you can access the full text, when available, or poem information page. You can also see the title, publication date, publisher, and anthology category of the anthology or collected or selected volume. If the Source is a periodical, such as Poetry Magazine, then you will see all the poems that Granger’s World of Poetry has included in full text from that periodical.


Browse Commentaries

Commentaries Browse allows you to see all the commentaries that are available, listed by poem title. You can browse through all available commentaries, click on a letter in the “Go To” bar at the top of the page to jump ahead in the alphabet, or use the “Locate Commentaries” box to jump directly to commentary about a specific poem. Example: to find the commentary for “To Autumn,” type “To Autumn” in the search box and the search will jump ahead so that “To Autumn” is at the top of the page.


Browse Audio

Here you can see all the audio that is available. Scroll through the poems or click on a letter in the “Go To” bar at the top of the page to jump ahead in the alphabet. Click on the poem title and you will be able to read the poem, as you listen to the audio. The audio link is at the far right of the page: click on that to hear the audio. You can also browse audio by clicking on the “Listening Room” tab near the top of the page.


Browse Glossary

Here it is possible to browse through all of the glossary terms. Click on a letter in the “Go To” bar at the top of the page to jump ahead in the alphabet or use the search box to find a particular term immediately.


Browse Eras

Click on an era to see the poets belonging to that era. Then click on a name to see that poet’s poems. This is an area that will especially expand with each update.


Browse History and Criticism

The History and Criticism section of the site contains published books of literary criticism. Click on a book title to see the chapters it contains, or you can use the search box at the top of the page to search the entire section.

Example: “Robert Frost” The following search results pages will show each book where Robert Frost is mentioned, and the first mention of his name. The results are listed by chapter title. Use quotation marks around your search phrase for an exact search and to avoid results about Robert Graves, Robert Lowell, etc. To search within a specific chapter for a word or phrase, use your web browser’s “find” function by holding down the control button and “f” button at the same time. A search box will appear, usually at the bottom, but this will vary depending upon the browser. Type your word or phrase into the box, and hit enter. The browser will take you to the word or phrase, which will be highlighted.


Browse Schools of Poetry

Click on Schools of Poetry to browse the authors within that school. Click on the author to see the list of poems. This is an area that will especially expand with each update.


Browse Top 500

Here is a list of the 500 most frequently anthologized poems, in order of the most popular at the top of the list. Click on the title to read the poem.
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